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Online is the fastest growing medium in history, it offers incredible opportunity for a wide range of people in businesses, advertising and communication despite the fact that some people do not see or know the positive turn around it can bring to their business.

These are the reasons why we now have organization helping businesses such as bloggers, content provider and SEO helping small businesses reach their target audience.

According to a report, the future of traditional method of advertising like newspaper in most countries with easy internet access has been widely debated as the industry has faced down soaring newsprint prices slumping ad sales, the loss of much classified advertising and precipitous drops in circulation.

In recent years the number of newspaper slated for closure, bankruptcy or several cutbacks has risen. Revenue has plunged wile competition from internet media has squeezed older print publisher

Without over emphasizing, online advert have shaped  human, culture, influenced politics, played an important role in business and attending the daily lives of millions and mainly deal with news, opinion advertising among other content  and these are the reasons why start up business and existing business owner should make use of online advert


Most start up or existing business owner want to make their products or services available to the world and go beyond their boundaries. The question is what medium most business owner can use to get beyond their comfort zone and expose their products or services to the world. The answer is online.

Online Advert can easily connect to millions of people at the same time to have access to the products or services in respective of their, Background, Race, Age or Location and newspaper or TV can’t do it so easily.

Online allows you to get access to your intended audience all over the world and communicate with them at ease. It opens door to the world and let you have that Global access you have been dreaming off. Nothing else can do it; no medium can give you this access at the tip of your finger apart from online. Advertise online and expose to the world with a little or nothing.


Most manufacturers of products or some service providers have specific target audience they want to sell their product to. However the problem has always been how to get to them. For example, a youth service provider may target her product on youth and advertise the product on newspaper which at this 21st century may not get the message to the intended audience. But online has broken the barrier of weather young or old. Online advert is as simple as ABC for someone to get her services or products to intended audience.


It is very important to consider budget, most people could not advertise their products/services because of the fact that they cannot afford the bogus cost it takes to advertise on newspaper, Radio or Television. Online advert could be seen as the savior in this aspect because you can easily advertise your products/services with a little or nothing as long as you have social media handle and some followers. It’s a way of making your products/services known to both solicited and unsolicited audience with little or no cost at all.


Starting something is as simple as drawing a cycle but maintaining and managing it for a long time has been one of the major problems in business world. It is indeed very essential to be able to maintain standard, quality and the good image.

There are only few companies that can survive this. Maintaining advert or image of the company cannot be over emphasized. Online advert can go through this over time with reasonable budget as long as you have access to internet and this can be done by the business owner. Only big name companies can survive exuberant charges of media houses all over the world and still not get to all intended clients. Online advert is the best for the purpose of continuity.


Timing is very crucial in achieving business mission, vision and objectives. Online advert can break the barrier of time and reach the target audience within a very short period of time and can expose the business to millions of people within a very short time. Other media may not reach the target audience that is, clients because of  people in different location who may not have access to TV, Radio or Newspaper. But online advert has been proofing to be more effective in this way .


It’s very essential for startup business to consider and do a research on how to make use of online advertising as there are so many ways that can be used online to turn business around positively. This will help the business to be able to compete with existing business within a very short period of time.


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