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Just as it sounds, E-mail marketing takes a lot to cook. An E-mail marketer has to go through a lot of steps before the food is done for the customers to consume. You have to struggle with your scheduling for the mails whether to send daily, weekly or monthly.

Then the problem of coming up with the eye catching and inviting subject line comes in. You have to think wide and deep , search through the minds of your customers to know what subject line will attract a group of customers and what will suit the others. Scaling the hurdle of the subject line is just a part as you need to sit down and compose a meaningful and valuable content for a service or a product . A lot of work goes into sending just a campaign in E-mail marketing but the customers online consume and even at that, they are the most important part of the industry because without them, the industry cannot exit.

For those in the medical line, there are several medical best practices and ethical guidelines they must follow in carrying out their daily duties to their patients. Even the engineers, teachers, artists and so on, the same is obtainable in the marketing world. Below are few things an E-mail marketer must do and those he/she must avoid at all cost.


Whoever you are , in this business, tracking and testing is a must to do. As an E-mail marketer, You must give optimum attention to your tracking result which will include bounce rate for your campaigns, click through rate, the rate at which people unsubscribe and how well your mail get to customers’ inbox and not spam folder. Tracking all of these will help you succeed greatly as an E-mail marketer. As well as you track , you must also test. Testing your mails before sending them out to customer is a great way to detect your flaws before making them public. Litmus helps in a great way at testing.

Every single time you send out an E-mail, you must make sure your subject line is inviting and engaging. Great subject lines are very important tool in the hands of a good E-mail marketer. Nobody knows what your mail content is, your subject line is what will either drive customers to read your E-mail or delete it without reading. Always try and provide an incentive for opening your mail and be as brief as possible with your subject line. Short subject lines convert the most.

Try out several kinds of call to actions (CTAs), from text based to button and images Let your readers feel promoted to act by your call to action. Be engaging as much as you can.

General E-mails will end up achieving little to nothing of the sender’s aim. It is totally unprofessional to send the same E-mail to everyone on your list. People on your list are different in every way, from income difference, to location difference, time-zone difference, to educational background difference and several other differences. If you end up sending the same E-mail to everyone on your list every time, most of your subscribers will either unsubscribe and or flag your E-mails as spam and that is not good for business.

When your messages to customers become too lengthy and indirect, you will end up losing customers. People who read mails are quite busy as well and they have decided to spare time to hear you out. Wasting their time means losing them gradually.

You don’t want to keep your customers prisoner in your little E-mail prison and you do not even want them to feel like they are prisoners. Give your subscribers the freedom of choosing you and not forcing them to choose you. Always have an opt-out form at the end of every E-mail you send.


In whatever you do as an E-mail marketer, remember never ever to break the spam law. When you spam an audience, not only are you breaking the law of a country, but you are also breaking the law that guides the use of electronic mail on the internet./ this mean that when you get flagged, your mails may end up being junked and trashed by everyone online as it will stop delivering in the inbox of customers but in the spam folder. In order words, business is dead.

Over 60% of internet users now use mobile smart phones and that makes the audience over 1 billion. So loosing out on a billion plus audience is a big slap on any E-mail marketer’s face. When preparing your campaign, always remember to check for mobile compatibility. If it is mobile compatible, you are doing great but if your mail is not mobile compatible, then its better you trace your steps. Mobile users are the most engaging users online. Your E-mails to them can be seen in real time and engagements starts as soon as they receive the mails. Click through and opens are generated almost instantly as against those using desktop and laptops.

The idea of buying E-mail lists in itself doesn’t sound right. Buying E-mail addresses of unknown people, working and blocked mail addresses will do a professional E-mail marketer no good. You will end up spamming people with your messages as the have not willingly signed up to receive such message from you. It is called unsolicited message and it is invariably dropped in the spam folder of recipients.

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